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Want to Play Futsal this Weekend? Book a Pitch in Singapore

Considering the lack of open space in metropolitan territories like Singapore, it is hard for sport loving people to occasionally try their hand at their favourite sport. In such situations, people pick up the sports which don't ask for any extra arrangements or facilities. Football seems to fit the bill perfectly, although for a proper professional football match you need proper football pitch Singapore and a full-fledged stadium. However, for the sake of fun, you can play soccer anywhere; all you need is a ball and your feet. Perhaps this is the reason, younger and smaller version of football, futsal, is so much in hype.

Number of futsal pitches in Singapore is growing and for the football lovers playing facilities are now open everywhere. Reason futsal being loved and played so much by Singaporeans is that it asks for minimum space and lesser facilities. Plus, futsal has all the traits that are in football; thrill, excitement, fun, action and more. Another reason behind the popularity is that for a futsal game you need lesser number people while in football you need 11-a-side. It means you do not have to gather a full-size troop of friends and fellows to enjoy the game at its best.

Even the world cup organizer association FIFA recognizes the potential of this small-pitch game. While playing football you get faster action, meaningful ball contact and less running. Futsal is everything football lovers could ask for. Anyone having some free time and looking for good recreational activity can go for Futsal courts booking Singapore and have a good session of futsal. To play futsal at a decent sports club or playing facility you need to book well-equipped field.

The Ark and other sports clubs are there to fulfil all your futsal playing fantasies. The Ark is a sports facility which can be rented by anyone on the hourly basis. For more information click here. Futsal playing facilities of The Ark is located at three different places in Singapore. Orchid Country Club, Buangkok and Taman Jurong are three of those locations. Not just futsal and soccer pitches they also have tennis courts and large event areas to offer and all this is available at highly affordable prices.

About The Ark:

The Ark is a sports arena provider company in Singapore, which offer well-equipped futsal and soccer fields. With amazing facilities and top of the line services, The Ark is the best option to book soccer fields in Singapore.

For more information, log on to Theark.sg.